Jim Burke, having served as a NCFD Commissioner for 14 years has a profound understanding of the need for a productive, supportive working relationship between the elected governing commissioners and the command staff, aka the Chiefs. Nowhere is this relationship more important than in the districts long standing commitment to being an all-hazards agency.

What does all hazard response mean? It means that we respond to thousands of calls beyond traditional fire and medical emergencies. Calls such as vehicular accidents; technical rescue including confined space and structural collapse; trench rescue, chemical, biological; dive and marine rescue; active shooter; natural disaster as well as search and rescue.

There are other all hazard events but the point I want to make that they all are expensive services requiring demanding training. The governing commissioners must be supportive and understand the commitment made to life safety requires adequate funding.

Commissioner Jim Burke has long understood the need to prioritize the services being offered and the need to treat the tax payers dollars with respect and care.