Conversion to Elite All Hazard Team

Advanced Emergency Agency – A Conversion to Elite

911 Emergency Services – What Matters?

During my 14 years of service on the Board the District transitioned from a highly regarded, effective, efficient fire fighting department becoming, in addition, an elite Emergency Medical Services Agency (EMS).

The transition is an ongoing success with NCFD residents benefiting from the emergency medical services provided by the skilled first responders of the NCFD. I am proud that I have been in a position to support this important transition.

This transition was fueled by an aging population resulting in 80% of our 911 calls being medical in nature. NCFD adapted and responded. Consider the following:

  • All 223 of our uniformed first responders are qualified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s)
  • 112 of them are Paramedics trained to apply Advanced Life Support (ALS) skills in treating 911 callers.
  • During the Corona Virus pandemic the NCFD paramedics vaccinated over 9 thousand residents of Pelican Bay, Naples Park & Pelican Marsh.
  • To maintain certification the District’s EMT’s & Paramedics must earn continuing training credits. A working relationship with Arthex is an example of the clinical training
    Opportunities available to NCFD first responders
  • Every NCFD 911 response will include a minimum of one well trained para medic along with skilled EMT’s.

It is my intent to assure that the resources needed to continue providing, and improving, these vital skills are are adequate at all times.

When You Dial 911 – What Do You Expect?

What You Want

  • Rapid Response
  • Well Trained Personnel
  • Saving Life and Property.

I’m Jim Burke one of your North Collier Fire District Commissioners. I am seeking re-election, and your vote, so that I can continue my support of efforts on behalf of the life saving, property protecting emergency services provided by the North Collier Fire District first responders. Remember that skilled, rapid response, to your 911 calls can be, and often is, the difference between life and death.

I Will Continue To:

  • Work to reduce 911 response times
  • Promote service delivery effectiveness
  • Promote Rigorous & Consistent Training
  • Lead the fight to reduce overhead costs
  • Listen and respond to resident’s concerns
  • Serve as The People’s Commissioner

Vote for Jim Burke in the November 8th General Election.

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